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What We Do


Turnkey solutions to design, construct,
provide equipment and operate
power plants.

and Gas

Reliable solutions for onshore,
including upstream, mid-stream and downstream,
as well as offshore oil and gas installation services.


Clean energy services,
providing onshore and offshore
wind, solar, and hydro projects.

Gas Turbines
and Power Plants

We supply all sizes, install, commission, operate
and perform maintenance services. We offer plant
rehabilitation and relocation, along with training,
engineering, design and OEM support.


Quickly offering emergency power to the
60 Hz and 50 Hz community. We offer a wide
assortment of gas and diesel mobile power
generators from 500 kW to 25 MW.

Marine Engines and
Power Barge Plants

We offer power barges that can produce up to
300 MW of power and can be moved in and out of
areas with ease. Our floating power plants can be
built to the customer's specifications.

Gas and Diesel
Generators and Engines

We provide diesel generators and engines
including Caterpillar and Cummins.
Our diesel turbines are sound-attenuated
and range from 200 kW to 12 MW.

Reliable Energy Solutions