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Current and Past Projects

Maersk Oil - Kazakhstan

To increase production fivefold at the onshore Dunga Oil Field in Kazakhstan, the field operator and 60-percent owner, Maersk Oil, contacted Henco Energy to provide a solution for a 20-megawatt power generation field. In January of 2014, Maersk Oil purchased four new Solar Taurus 60-5 megawatt gas turbines owned by Henco Energy to be commissioned and installed at the Dunga Oil Field in Kazakhstan. Henco Energy in cooperation with Solar Turbines Inc. provided air filtration and extended service agreements for the field. The total project cost for the Dunga Oil Field including the gas turbines exceeded $1 billion.

Advanced Fusion Systems - Newtown, Connecticut

Advanced Fusion Systems LLC is building a 250,000-square-foot facility in Newtown, Connecticut. Henco Energy is supplying equipment, including a 30-megawatt facility using two Solar Titan 130 units to be installed by Solar Turbines Inc. and Henco Energy. Due to Advanced Fusion Systems' association with grid-protection intelligence and the US Department of Defense, details including the cost of the project are confidential by agreement.

Kurdistan Regional Government - Iraq

Henco Energy supplied equipment to the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq in 2015 to increase processing capacity of a temporary processing facility to 150,000 barrels of oil per day. The $14,650,000 deal was for three Solar Taurus 60 gas turbine packages, sold, installed and commissioned through the government Minister of Electricity by Henco Energy and Solar Turbines Inc. Henco Energy also provided a gas compressor and gas fuel skid for use at the $120 million plant.

Republic of Venezuela

The country of Venezuela, through its state-owned oil company PDVSA, engaged Henco Energy for a project in Zuata, Guarico, Venezuela that PDVSA is developing in partnership with Chinese oil company CNPC and American firm Lindsayca. Henco Energy supplied two Solar Taurus 60 dual-fuel gas turbine packages, handling engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up with support from Solar Turbines Inc. The $9 million project was completed on July 16, 2016.

Zaysan Oilfield - Kazakhstan

Henco Energy was hired to provide equipment for a 25-megawatt field for an LNG oil and gas basin in Kazakhstan. The $19.5 million project called for two Solar Taurus 60 units and a Solar Titan 130 or a Hitachi turbine. The field is between two liquified natural gas and oilfield development projects on Kazakhstan's border with China. The liquified natual gas plant is expected to have a processing capacity between 500 million and 800 million cubic meters of gas upon completion of construction.

AltEn LLC - Mead, Nebraska

AltEn LLC of Kansas, owners of the former E3 Biofuels ethanol plant in Mead, Nebraska, plan to restart the closed plant using a Solar Taurus 60 and a Hurst boiler with gas compressor supplied by Henco Energy. The equipment, installed by EMT Engineering and Henco Energy, is part of a plant that processes cow patties into electricity. The 30,000 head of cattle in an adjacent feed lot will be fed wet distillers grains, and their manure will be used to generate power for the ethanol plant through anaerobic digestion. The ethanol plant, with a capacity of 23 million gallons per year, cost about $90 million to build, is located on 430 acres, and has an 8-million-gallon anaerobic digester system. The cost of the solar turbine project is $4,350.000.

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