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Equipment List

Item 1Seven (7) Solar T60 SoloNox/can be standard gas turbine packages, 60 Hz, 5 MW, natural gas, with warrantyUnited StatesRebuilt
Item 2Five (5) Solar T60 7301 SoloNox/can be standard gas turbines, 50 Hz, 4.4 MW, dual fuel, with warrantyUnited StatesRebuilt
Item 3Two (2) Natural Gas Fuel Boost Compressor Sets, output at 250 psiUnited StatesRebuilt
Item 4Two (2) Turbine Control Consoles, Mechanical Drive and GeneratorUnited StatesAS IS
Item 5Four (4) Pratt Mobilpac Gas Turbines, 25 MW, 50 or 60 Hz, dual fuel, full warrantyUnited StatesNew
Item 6Two (2) Solar Mars 100 Gas Turbines, 8.8 MW, 50 Hz, gas fuel, weatherproof enclosureUnited StatesNew
Item 7One (1) Solar Mars Generators Set 50/60 HzUnited StatesNew
Item 8Three (3) Westinghouse 251B12 Gas Turbines, 47 MW, 60 Hz, 5,000 hours since overhaul, 55,000 totalUnited StatesUsed
Item 9Ten (10) Solar Saturn 20 Gas Turbines, 1200 KW, 60 Hz, gas fuel, enclosure, can be sold as overhauled.United StatesUsed
Item 10Six (6) Mobile Solar MPU, gas fuel, 50 or 60 Hz, SoloNox Duel FuelUnited StatesUsed
Item 11GEC Alstom Gas Turbine, Model PG6541B, natural gas, 50 Hz but can be converted, 38 MW, 15,000 hours since overhaulUnited StatesUsed
Item 12Two (2) Rolls Royce Trent 60 WLE Gas Turbines, dual fuel, 50 Hz, 60 MW, 3-month deliveryUnited StatesNew
Item 1348 MW Power Barge, Westinghouse W251B Turbine, liquid fuel, can be converted to gas, 50 Hz, 30,000 hoursUnited StatesUsed
Item 14Four (4) Siemens SGT 400 Mobile Gas Turbine Units, 13 MW, dual fuel, 50 Hz, warrantyUnited StatesNew
Item 1522 MW Combined-Cycle Power Plant, capable of 30 MW: Two Alstom Gas Turbines, Two Foster Wheeler HRSG,
STG, 50 Hz, dual fuel, can also run on HFO, complete plant
Item 16Four (4) Frame 5 N, 50 Hz, gas fuel, 24 MW, 6,000 lifetime hoursUnited StatesUsed
Item 17Lotus Energy Gas Turbine, 1.5 MW, 50 or 60 Hz, natural gas with diesel or HFO available, new, 12-14 weeksUnited StatesNew
Item 18Three (3) Solar Taurus Gas Turbines, natural gas, 5400 kW, 50 Hz, 2005, 41,000 hoursUnited StatesUsed
Item 1953 MW ABB Gas Turbine with HRSG, 50 Hz, gas fuel, 1995, fully overhauled in 2011, can be converted to dual fuel or HFOEuropeUsed
Item 20Three (3) Solar Taurus Gas Turbines, natural gas and diesel, 5700 kW, 50 Hz, 2009 and 2011, less then 4,000 hours.United StatesUsed
Item 21Two (2) Frame 7 FA, 171 MW each, Model 7241, gas fuel, 60 Hz, Low NoxUnited StatesNew
Item 22213 (two hundred thirteen) 30 kW to 2000 kW Diesel Units, stationary and mobileUnited StatesNew & Used